Staying #GlobalFromHome

3 ways to connect during the coronavirus crisis

As the coronavirus forces us to stay #GlobalFromHome, we’ve launched a weekly post with three easy...

Voices from Lockdown

Enforced solitude and its impact around the globe: from SARS to natural disaster.

As social distancing measures (designed to limit face-to-face interaction and halt the spread of COVID-19) ramp...


Staying #GlobalFromHome: Sports Edition

3 ways to connect with international sports

As the coronavirus forces us to stay #GlobalFromHome, at Stranger’s Guide we thought we’d look at...


Of Quarantines Past and Present

Restricting movement: from medieval Italy to COVID-19

As large portions of the planet grapple with the new reality of self-isolation to help stem...

United States

La Harmonia, Big Bend

A store in a Texas national park was a place of possibility on the US-Mexican border

Among the ways a border is powerless is in staving off the wild spread of fire....

United States

Fighting Fire with Fire

Controlled burns help stem wildfires in America's National Parks

“We’re putting fire on the ground,” a voice shouts from behind a thicket of 20-foot-high cane....


No Country for Solo Women?

Gender equality in the world of travel has a long way to go

“Is it okay to wear shorts in Calicut?” I recently typed into Google. I was already...


Behind The Mask

In the wake of a pandemic like SARS or Coronavirus, the surgical mask is a misunderstood accessory.

In the West, the surgical mask is a required part of the doctor’s toolkit, a must-have...

Mexico City

La Mataviejitas

The Old Lady Killer of Mexico City

For a period of 8 years, a series of murders, between 42 and 48, occurred in...


Are Delhiites being taken for a ride?

The Delhi government’s pink ticket scheme lets women ride for free—but not everyone is pleased

“Think it’s going to change anything?” a friend asked me when news of the Delhi government’s...