As the impact of COVID-19 ripples across the world, South Korea has increasingly become a model to emulate, from its widespread testing to its widespread contact tracing. Meet Koreans from all walks of life and hear their stories living in the coronavirus era. Elsewhere, dive into this Asian culture capital, from the big business behind K-pop to the women challenging K-beauty standards. Featuring work from Krys Lee, E Tammy Kim, Ann Babe, Sunmin Lee, and one of the most powerful cover images we’ve ever produced. Order now to get this must-read guide!

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Our South Korea guide includes:


Voices from the Pandemic 
A snapshot of Korea under COVID-19

          The World Watches Korea by E. Tammy Kim
          Hey Patient #69, We Know You Were at That Motel! by Ethan Hee-Seok Shin

Chaebol by Geoffrey Cain
The Samsung family empire

Faces, Fortunes and Feminist Movements by Ann Babe
Photographs by Ji Yeo 
Discarding gender norms

K-pop Music Goes Global 
The business of making an idol

Haenyeo of Jeju Island by Jung Hae Chae
A sisterhood of expert divers


Better Days by Seunggu Kim

The Woman’s House by Sunmin Lee


A Normal Life by Krys Lee


Literary Family Tree

Natural Wonders Tour

First-Person Narratives
Stories from Seoul