Our Ireland issue offers a fascinating look at rapidly transforming country. Ireland has never been more relevant—once one of Europe’s conservative countries, the country has transformed rapidly in less than a generation. Now a progressive beacon, Ireland’s evolution demonstrates how quickly a place can change. This issue includes Colum McCann on the Irish storytelling tradition, Eimear Ryan on the fight for women’s sports, as well as fascinating features on the country’s horse-rearing tradition in public housing, and powerful testimonies on Brexit from those who cross the Northern Irish border each day. It’s a must-read for anyone interested in the Emerald Isle.

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Our Ireland edition includes:


So Long Out of Ireland by Colum McCann
Stories and storytelling in contemporary Ireland

Good Sports by Eimear Ryan
photographs by Trevor Patchett
Athleticism and identity in Irish women’s sports

The Current Culture by Rosie Gogan-Keogh
Inclusivity, optimism and art in a changing Ireland

Literary Cork by James O’Sullivan
Contemporary Irish literature belongs to Cork

Point of No Return by Niall McKay
photographs by Jill Quigley
Abuses by the Catholic Church are driving even the faithful away


The Travellers by Birte Kaufman

Portrait of a Pub by Dara Gannon
Progress and procrastination at an infamous Dublin pub


Safe in a Box by Jill Crawford