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Dancing the Diaspora

How West African spiritual practices withstood colonialism

You are invited to take a walk, or rather to dance through the African diaspora. The first thing you will experience is the rhythm of the drum. The drums, carrying the heartbeat of humanity, entice your blood to move smoothly through your veins. The rhythms affect your muscles, and compel you, no matter how shy you may be, to follow that sound to its source. Being led by the power of sound you float around the corner, searching for the source of this enchantment. You arrive at the ritual space. It may be the courtyard of a compound in Nigeria, where...


So Long Out of Ireland

Stories and storytelling in contemporary Ireland

I have been out of Ireland for many years, but in fact, I have never left....


In the Eye of a Hurricane

Hamilton comes to Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s landscape of mountains, waterfalls, thick forests and some of the world’s best stretches of...

Did You Know?


Instant Noodle Museum

The Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum in Osaka, Japan, is devoted entirely to instant noodles. It boasts a chicken ramen factory where you can knead, steam and season your own noodle dish, a recreation of the wooden shed where the world’s first instant noodles were invented and CUPNOODLES Drama Theater where the ramen manufacturing process is “introduced using powerful, large-screen visual images.”

Encounters that take you there.

Before there were guidebooks, 18th- and 19th-century authors wrote “stranger’s guides” to cities and countries, pamphlets and books that combined helpful tips with particular and offbeat advice and context: the best boarding houses alongside bits of history, preferred brothels as well as ways to avoid pickpockets. These guides were far removed from a modern, sanitized Fodor’s—rather they were personal, eccentric and intimate portrayals of place.

Stranger’s Guide is a modern version of that idea—a nonprofit publication designed to reveal the intricacies of places across the globe, through both local and foreign eyes.