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Museums: Forming the Stories We Tell Ourselves

Institutions reflect the biases and longings of a culture

The headline banner reads: “Between 1960 and 1962 the CIA spent millions persuading [Cuban] parents to send their children to the States where they were placed in reformatories and forced to live with strangers.” The exhibit in Havana’s Museo de la Revolucion, is dedicated to Operación Pedro Pan, the name given to the mass exodus of over 14,000 unaccompanied children from Cuba to the US immediately following the overthrow of the Batista regime by Fidel Castro et al in 1959. Conversely, in the National History Museum in Washington, DC, a small plaque reads, “The people of the USA opened their doors...


Hat’s Off

Paris’s famous milliner on her three-decade career designing headwear

Marie Mercié’s extravagant hats have been worn by Kate Moss, Claudia Schiffer and Prince, adorning magazine...

Abu Dhabi

Wing and a Prayer

Inside Abu Dhabi’s falcon hospital

A group of visitors gathers around the patient. She’s unconscious, her head encased in an anesthesia...


Of Quarantines Past and Present

Restricting movement: from medieval Italy to COVID-19

As large portions of the planet grapple with the new reality of self-isolation to help stem...

Did You Know?

Photo credit: Odd Wellies, Flickr

Orkney Islands

Island Hopping

This is the cockpit of “The Islander”—the small aircraft that offers commercial flights 1.7 miles each way from Westray to Papa Westray in the Orkney Islands of Scotland. The route is operated by Loganair, and it’s the shortest scheduled passenger flight in the world. Flying time comes in at just under a minute and a half, and the distance covered is half the length of the world’s longest commercial runway (at Tibet’s Qamdo Bamda Airport, which is 3.4 miles long).

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