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How folklórico took over Texas

High schools compete in the dancing style and the best dancers find themselves recruited like all-star football players.

It’s as much a religion in Texas as cheerleading and has the attention to detail of a prom. Amalia Hernández started Ballet Folklórico in Mexico in the late 1950s. The new dancing style fused Mexican mestizo with indigenous and modern dance techniques. Folklórico is now offered as a program in schools throughout Texas, allowing students to immerse themselves in the color and costumes of Mexico and represent that culture through regional dance. Today, there are ...


Behind The Mask

In the wake of a pandemic like SARS or Coronavirus, the surgical mask is a misunderstood accessory.

In the West, the surgical mask is a required part of the doctor’s toolkit, a must-have ...


The Street: Bogotá, 1960

Never-before-translated vignettes on city-life by a young Gabriel García Márquez

In 1960 the Camacho Roldan Bookstore published a series of books under the title Colombia: Country ...


Disorganized Crime

How the Albanian mafia went global

The takedown happened over five days in the chilly spring of 2009 in suburban New Jersey. ...


Nollywood: The film industry where women call the shots

"Access allows you to have a voice on-screen. Access allows you to put more women in the room.”

A few years ago, Isioma Osaje was studying medicine at Igbinedion University in Benin City, Nigeria. ...


Legal Lynching

On death row in Texas

In 2016, a police officer was shot to death in San Antonio. A man was arrested, ...


Russia’s Hip-Hop Underground

How an uncensored strain of rap is mounting a fight for free expression

Last summer at Moscow’s Flacon, a former Soviet crystal factory converted into a hub of hipster ...


My Father’s Land

The indelible marks of slavery in Jamaica

Where are your monuments, your battles, martyrs? Where is your tribal memory? Sirs, in that grey ...


A Pandemic Year

Observations from a year following global headlines

Nearly a month before life as we knew it ground to a halt in much of ...



The tense border of the Dominican Republic and Haiti

High in the steep, green mountains of central Hispaniola, near the long and porous border that ...


The Kuti Legacy

Femi Kuti on politics, family and the future of Nigerian music

A uniquely congenial atmosphere welcomes visitors to The New Afrika Shrine in the Ikeja area of ...


So Long Out of Ireland

Teaching storytelling as a national tradition

I have been out of Ireland for many years, but in fact, I have never left. ...

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Ready, Willing and Able

Disaster volunteers not affiliated with an emergency response organization are often referred to as Spontaneous Unaffiliated Volunteers. While SUVs can be an asset in times of crisis, they may also pose a challenge for relief organizers, who may have trouble managing high numbers of untrained individuals in the wake of a disaster.

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