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Spain first in Europe with 1 million COVID infections; India’s anti-maskers; Canada’s coronavirus-free territory.

A look at how COVID-19 is impacting life around the world.

Netherlands Despite Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte urging residents of Holland to minimize travel as part of government efforts to control the spread of COVID-19, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima were forced to apologize after breaking the rules. ‘We are not infallible,’ was the message they gave in a short video after returning home early from a vacation to Greece. There was public outcry in the Netherlands over the trip. King Willem-Alexander said it hurt his family to know they “have betrayed your trust in us.” (Dutch News) Canada Although there was an outbreak of the coronavirus among workers at...

Mexico City

Tepito: Inside Mexico City’s Barrio Bravo

The neighborhood that's been sensationalized, stigmatized and romanticized like no other.

There are more dangerous neighborhoods than Tepito in Mexico City, for example, parts of Iztapalapa, the...


Welcome to the Mediterranean

A note from our co-founders

Dear Readers, We’re proud to announce our latest guide, a contemporary and compelling look at the...

Mexico City

La Mataviejitas

The Old Lady Killer of Mexico City

For a period of 8 years, a series of murders, between 42 and 48, occurred in...

United States

The New Campaign Trail: A Q&A with Ruby Cramer

Reporting on the presidential election during a pandemic

The campaign trail can be its own unlikely locale—a place of endless diners and stages and...

Mexico City

Defending Water, Defending Life

The struggle over clean drinking water taps into a conflict at the heart of life in Mexico City

It’s a Friday evening in Coyoacán, Mexico City, and on the busy thoroughfare of Avenida Aztecas, a...

United States

Consider the Diner

Greasy spoon cafes are the must-visit destination for reporters on the campaign trail

Consider the diner. It has been with us for a century or so, offering a reliable...

Did You Know?

United Kingdom


The term “gentrification” was first coined by British sociologist Ruth Glass in 1964 to describe her observations of what was happening to housing in parts of inner London. “One by one,” she wrote, “many of the working class quarters have been invaded by the middle class—upper and lower … until all or most of the working class occupiers are displaced and the whole social character of the district is changed.”

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