Before there were guidebooks, 18th- and 19th-century authors wrote “stranger’s guides” to cities and countries–pamphlets and books that combined helpful tips with particular and offbeat advice and context: the best boarding houses alongside bits of history, preferred brothels as well as facts about paleontology and poetry. They were personal, eccentric and intimate portrayals of place. Stranger’s Guide is a modern version of that idea—a company dedicated to revealing the intricacies of places across the globe, through both local and foreign eyes.

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The tense border of the Dominican Republic and Haiti

High in the steep, green mountains of central Hispaniola, near the long and porous border that ...


Russia’s Hip-Hop Underground

How an uncensored strain of rap is mounting a fight for free expression

Last summer at Moscow’s Flacon, a former Soviet crystal factory converted into a hub of hipster ...


My Sensational Drama Queen

An ode to Bogotá

We are publishing this essay on contemporary Bogotá alongside a mid-century portrait of the city written by ...


Nollywood: The film industry where women call the shots

"Access allows you to have a voice on-screen. Access allows you to put more women in the room.”

A few years ago, Isioma Osaje was studying medicine at Igbinedion University in Benin City, Nigeria. ...

Mexico City

The Pulque Chronicles

Mexico’s pre-Hispanic alcoholic drink finds new life in the city’s old school bars.

Ten years ago I lived in an apartment building in downtown Mexico City. One afternoon a ...


My Father’s Land

The indelible marks of slavery in Jamaica

Where are your monuments, your battles, martyrs? Where is your tribal memory? Sirs, in that grey ...


Under God

As Moscow transforms, one corner of the city remains sacred

Translated by Sarah Jane There are places in Moscow that are directly under God’s protection, places ...


Desert Pilgrims

The wild characters drawn to Joshua Tree and Death Valley

On a late spring evening, I am walking through Joshua Tree National Park with Ken Layne, ...


Legal Lynching

On death row in Texas

In 2016, a police officer was shot to death in San Antonio. A man was arrested, ...


So Long Out of Ireland

Teaching storytelling as a national tradition

I have been out of Ireland for many years, but in fact, I have never left. ...


The Kuti Legacy

Femi Kuti on politics, family and the future of Nigerian music

A uniquely congenial atmosphere welcomes visitors to The New Afrika Shrine in the Ikeja area of ...

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United Kingdom

Quarantine at Malta

“It has been my misfortune to be attacked with small-pox while en route for India. This circumstance will necessitate a twenty-one days’ quarantine at Malta, at the expiration of which time I shall continue my journey by the first ship I can get.” It’s a salary claim, signed by J. Broughton, Esq, chemist to the Indian Chinchona Plantation, and addressed to the Revenue Department at Fort Saint George, the first English fortress in the country, founded in 1644. The letter is dated 4th January, 1867. Broughton had submitted a claim for arrears of pay on the grounds he was delayed in taking up his duties as chemist because he contracted smallpox and was in quarantine.

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