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Guinea sees Ebola resurface amid COVID pandemic; experts baffled by fall in India cases. Missionaries in the Amazon stoke vaccine skepticism.

A look at how COVID-19 is impacting life around the world

New Zealand Auckland, New Zealand’s biggest city, lifted a three-day lockdown that the government had introduced following the emergence of new cases of the coronavirus. The lockdown in the city of two million was short-lived — Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said she was confident the outbreak was contained and the three people who contracted COVID-19 were in isolation. At the end of January, Stranger’s Guide reported that Ardern said the country’s borders would likely remain closed to most of the world for the rest of the year. “We either need the confidence that being vaccinated means you don’t pass Covid-19...


Desert Pilgrims

The wild characters drawn to Joshua Tree and Death Valley

On a late spring evening, I am walking through Joshua Tree National Park with Ken Layne,...

Mexico City

Tepito: Inside Mexico City’s Barrio Bravo

The neighborhood that's been sensationalized, stigmatized and romanticized like no other.

There are more dangerous neighborhoods than Tepito in Mexico City, for example, parts of Iztapalapa, the...


Point of No Return

Abuses by the Catholic Church are driving even the faithful away

It was September 9, 1974. I was seven years old. I awoke in the middle of...


The Keepers of Flamenco

How a Roma tradition became one of Spain's most famous exports

Flamenco shoes of all colors lined the walls of the Gallardo store like rows of candy....


A Big Portrait of a Small Texas Town

The tight-knit community of Corsicana is home to the hit show Cheer, a film-producing police chief and BLM protests

I used to pass small towns and feel sorry for the people who lived in them....



The tense border of the Dominican Republic and Haiti

High in the steep, green mountains of central Hispaniola, near the long and porous border that...


We asked six influential Texans: What’s next for Texas?

Dan Rather, Earl Campbell, Adrian Quesada, Lina Hidalgo, Cruz Ortiz and C.K. Chin on the future of sports, arts, music, restaurants, public health and

Texas shows the country its own future. Whether it’s demographic shifts, climate change or even space...

South Korea

During COVID-19, the World Watches South Korea

For Korean Americans, it’s a bittersweet moment as Seoul succeeds while Washington flounders

In late February, I was at my parents’ house in the Seattle area, when what had...

Did You Know?

Photo credit: Dmitry Sadovnikov


The First World Cup

Uruguay was chosen by the nascent FIFA to host the inaugural World Cup competition in 1930, in part due to its success at the summer Olympics two years before when its team beat Argentina in the final, and also to celebrate 100 years of independence (its constitution was signed in 1830). Montevideo-born modernist painter and sculptor Guillermo Laborde was chosen to create the poster for the competition—which featured a goalkeeper, arms outstretched, making a save.

Captivating stories that bring the world to you.

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