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On the Trail of the Yukon’s Sled Huskies

Some are setting standards for better treatment of mushing dogs

To exercise your authority at the handlebars of a dog sled, our guide showed us, slowly...


The Changing Sounds of Hong Kong

In China's unique city, more and more residents are starting to sound like the rest of the country

It is an understatement to say that Hong Kong is a loud city. With over seven...


I Left My Heart in Al Amarah

War doesn’t stop you falling in love with a place.

It was a peaceful afternoon in Al Amarah thanks to the lack of incoming mortars, rockets...


Off the Grid in Eritrea

As Eritrea improves relations with its neighbors, one writer in exile reflects on the country of his birth

Amid news of Eritrea’s rapprochement with its neighboring Ethiopia after 20 years of deadlock and the...

Did You Know?


More than Meets the Eye

A 2015 study by Adweek found that 69% of millennials claimed they had “FOMO” (the fear of missing out) and regretted not taking that last minute trip after seeing their friends’ vacation photos on Facebook. However, another study released in July found that more than one-third of millennials aimed to deceive their social media followers by posting vacation images that made their trips look better than they were.

Encounters that take you there.

Before there were guidebooks, 18th- and 19th-century authors wrote “stranger’s guides” to cities and countries, pamphlets and books that combined helpful tips with particular and offbeat advice and context: the best boarding houses alongside bits of history, preferred brothels as well as ways to avoid pickpockets. These guides were far removed from a modern, sanitized Fodor’s—rather they were personal, eccentric and intimate portrayals of place.

Stranger’s Guide is a modern version of that idea—a nonprofit publication designed to reveal the intricacies of places across the globe, through both local and foreign eyes.