Stranger’s Guide presents travel writing like you’ve never seen before. Rather than focusing on luxury or adventure, we offer unexpected new perspectives on destinations from writers across the globe.

Each print issue of Stranger’s Guide is themed around a single destination—Russia, the Himalayas, Mexico City or Shanghai. By choosing to concentrate on just one place, Stranger’s Guide readers can delve into each location’s complexities through luminous essays and beautiful photography. Readers will save these gorgeous folios on their bookshelves and page through them for years to come.

Online, we are building a global archive of excellent place-based writing, including excerpts of literature and fascinating facts, alongside original essays and reported pieces. Our newsletter, Field Guide, examines how different themes manifest around the world—voting, fishing, moviegoing. As with print, each Field Guide is a unique experience, designed to give readers a new look at a particular subject area through great writing and photography. 

Throughout everything, Stranger’s Guide offers beautiful, thoughtful narratives that can guide you around the world.