Each issue of Stranger’s Guide is themed around a single destination—Russia, the Great Plains, Mexico City or Shanghai. By choosing to concentrate on just one place, Stranger’s Guide will allow us to stop, be still and delve into each location’s complexities. Readers will save these objets d’art on their bookshelves, lend them to friends and continue to page through the issues for years to come.

Stranger’s Guide consists of intelligent and luminously written essays by noted writers. Its sleek design emphasizes art and photography. Each issue is packed with maps, fiction and unconventional travel tips alongside beautiful, serious storytelling that takes you around the world. Our e-newsletter will offer a weekly mini-magazine, examining different themes across cultures. Throughout everything, beautiful, thoughtful narratives will guide you around the world.


Abby Rapoport

Editor in Chief
Kira Brunner Don

Associate Publisher
Hilary Flood

Web Editor
Alex Hannaford

Associate Editor
Lynn Brown

Assistant Editors
Gwendolyn Hicks
Adam Mann

Benjamin Frisch

Print Design
Justin Carder

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Blase Design

Mexico City Issue Editorial Board

Juvenal Acosta
Kike Arnal
Sheerly Avni
David Lida
Margarita de Orellana
Eduardo Rabasa
Luisa Reyes Retana
Alberto Ruy-Sánchez

Contributing Editors

Kira Allmann
Aaron Bady
Joshua Beckman
Maria Dahvana Headley
Laurie Eustis
Kyle Haddad-Fonda
Stephanie Heimann
Roger D. Hodge
Victor LaValle
Ayan Mittra
Emily Raboteau
Betsy Reed
Laura Secor
Cassim Shepard
Joanna Yas
Matthew Zapruder