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Stranger’s Guide presents travel writing like you’ve never seen before. We are committed to giving readers multi-dimensional views of locations, showcasing writers native to each place.

At Stranger’s Guide, we believe a place is made up of many stories—some beautiful, some funny, some surprising, and all compelling. Relying on expert storytellers, each print issue features an array of different pieces, from fiction to photo essays, that have one thing in common: the place in which they’re based.

Online, we are building a global archive of excellent place-based writing, including excerpts of literature and fascinating facts, alongside original essays and reported pieces. Our newsletter, Field Guide, examines how different themes manifest around the world—voting, fishing, moviegoing. As with print, each Field Guide is a unique experience, designed to give readers a new look at a particular subject area through great writing and photography. 

We believe sophisticated readers need portraits, not caricatures, of different countries and cultures.

We believe that getting a nuanced understanding of international communities is critical to bridging divides and promoting understanding and empathy. And we believe a beautiful publication can still grapple with challenging truths.