Stranger Sounds: Tehran

A Spotify playlist featuring songs from the Golden Age of Persian Popular Music

This playlist includes songs from what many consider to be the Golden Age of Persian Popular Music the mid-1960s until 1979. During this period of creative ferment musicians and composers in Tehran flirted with Western rock, funk and psychedelic music, and the music spread across the radio, television, film and nightclubs. This explosion of sounds came to an abrupt halt in 1979, at which point the revolutionary government banned popular music, driving many artists into exile in Europe or the United States and continued recording and performing for expatriate audiences.


As US-Iran relations continue to make headlines, Stranger’s Guide: Tehran brings readers to the streets of a city few outsiders have had the opportunity to explore. Through new works from Dina Nayeri, Jason Rezaian, and a number of up-and-coming authors, the issue explores ...

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