Scandinavia House Panel Discussion

Scandinavia guide contributors discuss the changing face of the region

In celebration of the release of Stranger’s Guide: Scandinavia, editor-in-chief Kira Brunner Don and several Scandinavia guide contributors participated in a roundtable discussion with the American Scandinavian Foundation’s Scandinavia House. Icelandic author & documentary filmmaker Andri Snær Magnason, translator Lytton Smith and Sámi reindeer herder and photographer Carl Johan Usti joined a conversation about the changing face of the region moderated by ASF Fellow Ethelene Whitmire (Professor/Chair, Department of Afro-American Studies, University of Wisconsin – Madison).


With this guide, you’ll get a new and fascinating look into Scandinavia. Dive into freezing waters, where ice swimming is once again popular. Bask in the joys of kräftskiva, the summer crayfish celebration. Tour Norway’s humane prisons and learn the ...

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