Welcome to the Mediterranean

A note from our co-founders

by Stranger’s Guide

Dear Readers,

We’re proud to announce our latest guide, a contemporary and compelling look at the Mediterranean Sea. Order your copy today and be among the first to get it delivered to your door!

The sea has long served as a cultural crossroads, luring pilgrims, tourists and emperors alike. But the region is far more than the vacation hotspots with which it is so often associated. More than 20 countries across three continents share the coastline, and the number of people, histories and cultures across the area make it one of the most diverse and fascinating places to explore.

Our new volume gives readers a small sampling of that diversity and offers a chance to see the broader forces that have helped shape the region. Colonialism, climate change and authoritarianism all cast long shadows here, as do the extraordinary resilience and cultural creativity that have allowed for survival in the face of extreme hardship.

Visit French soccer stadiums and Spanish flamenco dance shows, trace the histories of Egypt’s stolen antiquities and get an up-close look at the global power of the Albanian mafia. You’ll also meet the unlikely surfers of the Gaza Strip and the displaced Syrians, driven out of their homes by violence, now rebuilding their lives in foreign lands. Alongside excellent writing and photography, the guide features one of our trademark cover illustrations, showcasing the many ways people have traversed these waters.

It’s a journey you won’t want to miss.

Thanks, as always,

Kira Brunner Don and Abby Rapoport
Co-founders, Stranger’s Guide


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Photo credit: Public Domain

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