Staying #GlobalFromHome: Spring

by Stranger’s Guide

We may still be at home, but spring is in the air and at Stranger’s Guide, we’re breathing in deep and embracing the season. Here are some great ways to have an internationally-inspired spring weekend wherever you are.

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                                1. Read

Celebrate World Press Freedom Day (which was yesterday) by immersing yourself in some of the best investigative journalism over the past year. The folks at Longreads asked writers and editors to choose some of their favorite stories of the year in various categories.



                                2. Watch

Japan’s cherry blossom (or sakura) season is world-famous and normally brings visitors from around the world. This year, enjoy the blooms from wherever you are. Japanese weather channel Weather News has released 50 virtual reality videos that explore the best flower viewing attractions throughout the country.



                                  3. Make

Try your hand at making chimichurri, a tangy green sauce that hails from Argentina and is perfect drizzled over grilled meats or slathered on toast. This five-minute version from Laylita’s Recipes is delicious and will brighten up any barbecue.




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