Refugee Crossings

by Amnon Gutman

A Nigerian woman recovers on a Sea-Watch rescue vessel. She and other refugees were found drifting in a boat off the coast of Libya.

Refugees and migrants being pulled from the water after falling into the Mediterranean.

Rescued refugee children, wrapped in thermal blankets against the wind and cold.

In transit to Europe: a boat filled with refugees and migrants who were picked up less than thirty miles from Libya, attempting to cross the Mediterranean in small boats. They are waiting to be transferred to the Italian Coast Guard.


Amnon Gutman

Amnon Gutman is a photographer based in Israel.

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“Goat Grabbing”

It’s been around for more than 600 years, is played on horseback, and can get pretty dangerous to play and even watch. Welcome to Buzkashi, Afghanistan’s national sport. It’s a bit like polo, but with a headless goat instead of a ball. The point of the game is for your team to take control of the carcass and drag it to the hole on the other side of the pitch. It’s been passed down through the generations (it was originally the sport of rich warlords), and is so popular that Afghans want to see it become an Olympic sport.