Navajo Nation reports zero COVID-19 cases; Senegal’s success story.

A look at how COVID-19 is impacting life around the planet.

by Stranger’s Guide
Navajo Nation

For the first time since 17 March the Navajo Nation has no new reported COVID-19 cases. The total number of positive cases of COVID-19 stands at 9,903, of which 7,157 people are reported to have recovered. Most of the health mandates imposed such as mask wearing, stay-at-home orders, weekend lockdowns and government and business closures remain in effect. (Navajo Times)


Despite its fragile healthcare system and just seven doctors for every 100,000 people, Senegal in West Africa, is processing COVID-19 test results within 24 hours, hotels have been transformed into quarantine units and scientists are racing to develop a low-cost ventilator. More than six months into the pandemic, the country of 16 million people has about 14,000 cases and 284 deaths. (USA Today)


WhatsApp and other social media channels are hastening the spread of baseless rumors about the coronavirus in rural Punjab, leaving locals fearing that the virus is a hoax, and that those without COVID-19 are being taken away and killed so their organs can be harvested. The rumors are hampering testing efforts put in place to try to stem the coronavirus. (BBC)

United Kingdom

“Don’t kill your gran by catching coronavirus and then passing it on.” That was the message from the UK’s Health Secretary Matt Hancock who said a spike in infections has largely been among the under 25s. The country recorded 2,988 new COVID-19 cases last Sunday, the highest daily number since May, and a further 2,948 cases on Monday. (CNN)


Thousands of Filipinos are bartering their possessions on Facebook — the modern equivalent of an ancient trading practice in the country — in order to feed their families after the coronavirus pandemic has plunged the economy into a deep recession. With millions unemployed and forced to stay at home, people are exchanging everything from kitchen appliances to children’s toys and designer goods for food. (Al Jazeera)


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Future Homes

In the face of rising sea levels and climate change, how do you future-proof man’s place on this planet? Floating islands. That’s the idea being promoted by the Seasteading Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness about the prospect of future sustainable floating cities. “The seas,” it says, “can be home to a new breed of pioneers—seasteaders—who are willing to homestead the Blue Frontier.” Yesterday’s science fiction, the Seasteading Institute promises, is tomorrow’s science fact.