Abby Rapoport, Publisher and Co-Founder, rapoport@strangersguide.com
Abby spent the first portion of her career as a political reporter, covering Texas politics for the Texas Tribune, the Texas Observer and then The American Prospect. Her work has also appeared in Glamour, The National Journal and The New Republic. Prior to founding Stranger’s Guide, she served as Acting Publisher for the Texas Observer and currently chairs the Texas Democracy Foundation.

Kira Brunner Don, Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder, kirabdon@strangersguide.com
Kira has worked as a magazine editor in New York for seventeen years and as a journalist in Eastern Europe and the Balkans. She studied philosophy at The New School’s Graduate Faculty and worked at a think tank at Columbia University before joining Lapham’s Quarterly, where she was executive editor for eight years. She is co-editor of the book The New Killing Fields: Massacre and the Politics of Intervention and is the founding co-director of the Oakland Book Festival.

Gina Whittington, Chief Revenue Officer, gina@strangersguide.com
Over the course of her career, Gina’s done everything from marketing to wedding planning. She’s an efficiency expert with a proven track record of running successful retail business, and brings two decades of marketing, sales and management to the team. She serves on the SIMS board, which promotes mental health awareness for musicians and their families, and is a managing partner of HOPE Outdoor Gallery.

Kyla Kupferstein Torres, Managing Editor, kylaktorres@strangersguide.com 
Kyla has spent her career as a writer and educator. A New York native, she served the director of admissions for the Hunter College Campus Schools as well as the College’s director of partnership programs. Her writing has been published in anthologies and online and she’s currently at work on a nonfiction book. She received her B.A. from Vassar College and her Ed.M from Harvard’s School of Education.

Alex Hannaford, Senior Editor, alex@strangersguide.com 
Alex has worked as a journalist since 1997 and is a regular contributor to newspapers and magazines in the UK and US. He is the writer and director of The Last 40 Miles, an award-winning animated short film about the death penalty. He also wrote and hosted the award winning crime podcast Huddled Masses: Dead Man Talking for Audioboom. Alex is a Fellow of The Dart Center for Journalism & Trauma at Columbia University.

Courtney Desiree Morris, Senior Editor
Courtney is a visual artist and assistant professor of African American Studies and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Her forthcoming book is titled To Defend this Sunrise: Black Women’s Activism and the Geography of Race in Nicaragua

Joanna Yas, Literary Editor, joannayas@strangersguide.com 
Joanna was the editor of Open City Magazine & Books for over a decade and is currently editor-in-chief of Washington Square Review and executive editor of West 10th. She previously held positions at Ploughshares, Grand Street, and Zoetrope: All-Story. Joanna is the Readings & Special Programs manager at the NYU Creative Writing Program, where she teaches, co-curates the reading series and directs Writers in New York, the summer writing program.

Kike Arnal, Associate Photography Editor, kikearnal@strangersguide.com
Kike Arnal is a photographer and videographer. His photos have appeared in the New York Times, National Geographic and Mother Jones, as well as numerous exhibitions. His latest book, Bordered Lives, focuses on transgender culture in Mexico.

Sofía I. González, Associate Graphic Design, sofiagonzalez@strangersguide.com 
Sofía is a graphic artist and aspiring art director residing in Austin, Texas. She received her B.A. in English Literature from the University of Texas at Austin in May 2017. After graduating, Sofia taught English as a Foreign Language in Spain before returning to the University of Texas, where she is currently studying to receive her M.A. in Advertising with the Texas Creative portfolio.

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