The Proof is in the Poutine

Photo credit: Alexa Clark

Canada is becoming more diverse, and with a more diverse population comes the opportunity for more diverse flavors. Canadian poutine, originally a Quebecois invention made by pouring gravy and cheese curds over fries, is undergoing some particularly interesting changes. Chefs are experimenting by adding new flavors to this classic dish. Some of the best combinations have come by mixing dishes from the country’s burgeoning Indian population. Saag Poutine, for instance, uses traditional Indian paneer in place of cheese curds and the creamy spinach-based saag in place of gravy. Another delicious Quebec-Indian combo is Butter Chicken Poutine, which layers the tomato-based Indian classic over fries and tops it with either traditional cheese curds or mozzarella for even more multicultural flavor.

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