Staying #GlobalFromHome

3 ways to connect during the coronavirus crisis

As the coronavirus forces us to stay #GlobalFromHome, we’ve launched a weekly post with three easy...

Voices from Lockdown

Enforced solitude and its impact around the globe: from SARS to natural disaster.

As social distancing measures (designed to limit face-to-face interaction and halt the spread of COVID-19) ramp...


Staying #GlobalFromHome: Sports Edition

3 ways to connect with international sports

As the coronavirus forces us to stay #GlobalFromHome, at Stranger’s Guide we thought we’d look at...


Of Quarantines Past and Present

Restricting movement: from medieval Italy to COVID-19

As large portions of the planet grapple with the new reality of self-isolation to help stem...


Behind The Mask

In the wake of a pandemic like SARS or Coronavirus, the surgical mask is a misunderstood accessory.

In the West, the surgical mask is a required part of the doctor’s toolkit, a must-have...