Diversity in Jakarta

Ethnic enclaves are alive in one of Asia’s biggest megacities

Jakarta is an overlooked city. Despite being the capital of the world’s fourth-largest, and arguably most...
It is impossible to thread your way through Mumbai without glimpsing at least one or two...

United States

A Park of Their Own

The Blackfeet Nation tribe is planning to create its own national park adjacent to Glacier

“Far away in northwestern montana, hidden from view by clustering mountain-peaks, lies an unmapped corner— the...


The Jewish Labor Bund

A model for modern-day labor movements

There was a time when Jewish shopworkers could help bring a nation to a standstill by...


The Growth of Indian Gaming

How PUBG resulted in arrests, divorces, and a fast-food trend

Gamers are everywhere. Earphones in; heads down with their phones clasped in their hands. They tend...


Fast Food Forward

Low-wage fast-food workers rise up

“In America, people who work hard should be able to afford basic necessities like groceries, rent,...


Brexit’s Collateral

The stories of people on the Irish border affected by Brexit

Photographs by Lorcan Doherty It has been likened by some commentators to a slow-motion car crash—but...


LGBTQ Rights in Ireland

Equality: from prison to Prime Minister

JUNE 2017: Leo Varadkar was elected the first openly gay Prime Minister Taoiseach of Ireland. Photo...
After witnessing a ritual human sacrifice, Hernán Cortés wrote that it was “horrible, and abominable, and...

Mexico City

Street Hero

The streets of Mexico City aren’t a friendly place for unsuspecting pedestrians. Traffic in Mexico City...

Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s High Rises

A solution to the scarcity of building land has come at a price—clean air.

The image is unforgettable. From a distance it looks, perhaps, like a piece of modern art:...

Puerto Rico

In the Eye of a Hurricane

Hamilton comes to Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s landscape of mountains, waterfalls, thick forests and some of the world’s best stretches of...