Staying #GlobalFromHome

3 ways to connect during the coronavirus crisis

by Stranger’s Guide

As the coronavirus forces us to stay #GlobalFromHome, we’ve launched a weekly post with three easy ways to explore new places and new perspectives without leaving your house. We’d love to hear ways that you’re staying globally aware.

1. Listen: to Radio Around the World

Discover what the rest of the world is listening to with Radio.Garden. This cool site, created by Amsterdam-based design companies Studio Puckey and Moniker, starts with a giant globe. Click on different parts of the world and hear what’s playing on the FM stations there. Explore new places and new beats!



2. See: Virtual Museums

There are lots of museums to explore online, particularly thanks to Google Arts and Culture. But while the lists are long, let us share two of our favorites: Florence’s Uffizi Gallery and Seoul’s National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. Both provide a wonderful opportunity to wander and delight in beautiful work.



3. Make: Bread

Diets be damned—bread, loosely defined, is one of our favorite foods. Take some grains or corn, ground it up and you’ve got the start of something delicious. Luckily, the Washington Post food blog takes the same approach and their list of top 10 “breads” throughout the world got us both hungry and inspired.





If I felt that life was being too hard on me, I went to the Malecón. If I felt I hadn’t suffered enough, I went to the Malecón. If a pair of breasts or a pretty face turned me down, if a friend emigrated, if I was reading Amado Nervo, or if I was in the mood for conjuring up some fresh existential tragedy, I would go to the Malecón. I would find a place to sit alone, and I would recline with my face to the sky. I would try to convince myself that I wasn’t bored, that actually what I was experiencing was a process of spiritual purification, and that this, my solipsism, was simply the price I had to pay. Until one day, luckily, I snapped out of it and said to myself: “Exactly why, imbécil, are you doing all this?”

—Carlos Manuel Álvarez, “At the Edge of the Sea,” Stranger’s Guide Caribbean Edition


In Egypt, Bulgaria and Brazil, the No. 1 song on iTunes is currently “Coronavirus Remix”—a song taken from Cardi B’s Instagram post. The lyrics may not be safe for work, but they’re probably safe for working from home.


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Welsh Whiskey

You’ve heard of Irish whiskey. You’ve heard of Scotch. But what about whiskey from their neighbor, Wales? After more than a century in exile (the country’s last distillery, Frongoch, shuttered in the early 1900s), the industry made a comeback in 2004 when Penderyn Single Malt was launched on St. David’s Day, a celebratory day for the patron saint of Wales. The Distillery is located in the Brecon Beacons, a breathtakingly beautiful mountain range and national park in South Wales, and is now sold all around the world.