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Double, Double, Toil & Trouble

Herbs and spices have historically been associated with witchcraft. For example, L.W. de Laurence, an early 1900s American author and publisher on the occult (who also sold magical and occult goods by mail order), wrote the book Albertus Magnus: Egyptian Secrets, White and Black Art for Man and Beast. In it, he recounts the recipe for a poultice to be used if your son or daughter was possessed.

“A Good Stomach Plaster for a Bewitched Child.”

“Take a little of the oil of almonds, a little deer’s tallow, as much of rose vinegar and one ounce of caraway seed. All these articles pounded together, put upon a blue paper, and lay it upon the child’s stomach.”

Laurence goes on to say that the poultice should then be buried with the child’s shirt “noiselessly, before sunrise, and under an alderwood shrub.”

So now you know…

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