Björn to be Wild

According to the Moscow Goes Out website (which describes itself as a “culinary concierge that guides you to the best restaurants in Moscow”) Swedish restaurant Björn is a trendy gourmet eatery on Pyatnitskaya ul that brings a taste of Scandinavia to the Russian capital. It serves a menu dedicated to wild-sourced ingredients including salmon, herring and venison, and is said to be a hidden gem. The website Rad Russia said the designer of its minimalistic interior “obviously drew inspiration from the grayish winter sky above the storming seas.” Swedish influence in Russia dates back to the 8th century, when Scandinavian people traded along the rivers between the Black and Baltic Seas.

Relations between the two countries today are strained due to incursions by Russian warplanes in Swedish airspace, and a rift over the poisoning of Russian dissidents in the UK.

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